Robin Roger Peller

  1. 1989, lives and works in Vienna


Born in Vienna in 1989, Robin Roger Peller has been travelling for the last two years to work on photography and engage with the surrounding atmosphere in places like Japan, Cuba, Italy, Ukraine, NYC, Moscow, London. Working predominately with analogue camera, he has been focusing on spontaneous interactions with people – points in time that are visually fragile and sometimes humorous, that can only stay on film after the photographs are taken. Interrogating the possibility of using social photography as a tool to observe life around us today, he moves away from the mundane digital experience and puts emphasis on physicality and movement both of his camera and people portrayed. Although Robin Roger started with sport and fashion photography at a young age, he is now mostly interested in personal communication, natural light and raw setting, capturing sensations that can be fleeting yet descriptive of a moment in time.




2010, Vienna

2016, Japan|Genexpression, Vienna Ballhaus, Vienna




Robin Roger Peller, Japan|Genexpression


Selected Press

Vernissage: Die stillen Augenblicke des hektischen Inselstaates Japan

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Based in Vienna, Austria